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Hi and welcome to ND Productions! I currently offer two types of services:

➡️ Helping IP holders bring their animation concepts to market.

You have an idea for an animated project or an IP (games, toys, etc) you want to turn into animation, but don't know how? Figuring out project financing, putting in place a top animation team or working out the right platform strategy can be tricky. I've been there and am happy to share my knowledge. Let's talk!

➡️ Helping audiovisual players decide what to do about the coming 🌊 AI tsunami.

According to a recent study, 99% of animation studios aim to utilise AI's by 2026, but only 26% feel their organisation is prepared for it. Let's figure out how YOUR company can navigate the years ahead. Let me know how I can help!

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Recent Projects (email me to learn more):

Case Study 1
Development strategy for a TV series

The client has a live-action background and is currently developing an animated series for a YA / adult audience.

I was tasked to help make the package as attractive as possible to talent, financiers and coproducers. This included working together on the pitch materials, finding development artists as well as building a pitching and financing strategy.

Case Study 2
Motion capture video pipeline for rapid content creation

I'm currently developing a pipeline for a client who needs light-touch, rapid turnaround video content. It leverages latest mocap technology, that does not require costly equipment or time-consuming setups, but outputs good looking content fast.

Case Study 3
Development consulting for an animated documentary feature

The client is developing a feature length documentary film, but it is their first time working with animation. I've been helping them with figuring out development steps, budgeting for animation as well as planning their co-production strategy, and what to take into account in the financing process.

My background

I've been working in animation for over 20 years, in positions ranging from production assistant to studio head. Companies and brands I've worked with include Rovio / Angry Birds, Warner Brothers Animation / Batman, ILM / Star Wars and Hasbro / Transformers.

I am passionate about building great teams, figuring out strategies for indies on how they can best succeed amid all the changes in the world, as well as pushing the entire animation industry forward however I can.

You can book a time for a chat here, or email me here. I'd love to hear what's on your mind!



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